Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiet Please

I only want some quiet please,
A chance to clear my mind
The thoughts they go so fast I can't keep up.
even so life still goes on..

groceries, bills school..
head spins

feed the dogs
can't think

mop the floor.

do the dishes.
help with homework
can't concentrate

Mommy he hit me.. mommy I need help.
It never ends, it never stops.

I just need some quiet!
Make it stop.

Heart racing, head spinning
thoughts racing

Dinner's burning baby's crying.
who made the mess the living room?

A moments peace is all I ask.
Just a chance to collect my thoughts
to clear my mind.

Kids in bed,
the house a mess

nothing done.
nothing accomplished
another day wasted 

Sleep is quiet
sleep is peace then i can rest,
then I can breathe.

Though with out quiet
sleep won't come
clock ticking
time passing

tomorrow will be a better day
i can get it right i can get it done
the sun comes up a new day is here
yet nothing changed
nothings new

Brain is racing
thoughts so fast
I can't keep up.

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